Saturday, October 11, 2014

Turtle Trot October, SAL-itis, yadda yadda

Wow, these last few months are sure going by fast, aren't they?

I worked on one TT WIP, Pumpkins and Sunflowers, Now
Can't get a good picture of this.

P & S is a fun stitch and not very big.

As for progress on Harvest Delivery, here she is..Now
I like the argyle pumpkins. I want to finish this before Thanksgiving.

And before..
I'm getting ready to stitch the black wagon, a few more flowers, and the wagon tongue. Onto the horse! Looking forward to him/her.

I had to have one last new start for something Halloweeny, so here it is..
Tombstone Angel Pinkeep Drum and Strawberry. Yes, I'm going to attempt to construct this drum! I have a perfect fabric for the top and the wool for the bottom. I'll have to buy the black velvet for the strawberry though. Which then brings me to the question of-If I can stitch this tombstone angel, why can't I get back to stitching on my Early Witches piece?!
This the SAL with the Primitive Hare. Actually, as I was working away on the drum piece up above, I was feeling like I could go back to Witches and really put in an effort to catching up. I think the last part is being released this coming week. After I post this, I think I'll get back to it.

My plan for October is No New Starts for Halloween! I will finish up the all the Halloween type projects I have going, including Wicked..
I just need to frog some stitches at the bottom of the key. 

Lets see if my self-talk works!

Speaking of SAL-itis, I joined yet another group! Kim at Wisdom with Needle & Thread is hosting the Traveling Treasure Chest. She has sent off a package with some of her unwanted stash. She picked the first Pirate who is Teresa from the blog At Willow Tree Pond. Teresa picks two charts she wants, adds two or three from her own stash and sends the whole thing off to the next pirate! All of us who joined have alter egos! I am...

Harriet 'One-Eyed' Goff, the Knave of Mudskipper Harbour, who is also a jolly japester prone to the yo ho ho-ing, especially after a bottle of rum!

Yup, that rum will do that to you!

As mentioned in another post, I joined with a Christmas exchange hosted by Angela P at Hooked on Stitching. I received my recipient info and will begin stitching here soon, probably after I get all my Halloween done. It's not due to be shipped until the end of November.

I'm taking it easy today because Mr. Vertigo is trying to make his presence known. I dreamed I had an episode this morning but I think it really happened! How weird is that! I've been plagued with vertigo for the last 10 years and its a B---H!! Sometimes I can go for a year with constant vertigo but at a small degree where I have to lay down very slowly and get out of bed very slowly but life goes on. And sometimes they're so bad that I can't drive or work. One episode I went to the ER and had an MRI and  an EKG because this one was sooo bad and I could feel my heart beating like it was going to jump out of my chest. Both tests came out clear and positive. I was sent home with Valium to help with the anxiety. Right now I have a huge headache because I'm stressing over this. I've gone an entire year and a half without Mr. Vertigo. Why he's shown up now is beyond me. So no weedwacking for me. I had planned on yard work today but that's not happening now.

Thanks for allowing me to vent about Mr. Vertigo. I hate him! Lol!

Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm also happy to see new followers, either through Blogger or Bloglovin'. A BIG Welcome to you all! My blogging anniversary is coming up in December so a Giveaway might be nice, right?! Take care all!


  1. Love the new Halloween Blog Header! Pumpkin and sunflowers project looks so bright and cheery.... love it!!! I know what you mean about feeling burnt-out on certain WIPs. When you start a project you're all gung-ho and then you get distracted by something else. But when you go back to the old project you kind'a scratch your head and think - "What was it I liked about this chart in the first place?" I lost my stitching mojo for the last 5 months due to stitching burn-out and didn't look at my WIPs until this month, when I got the desire to stitch again. So I guess in a round about way I'm saying don't worry you'll get the urge to stitch on your early witches projects sooner or later. Take Care!!!1

  2. All of your WIPs are coming along nicely! And I LOVE your new header!! Laura

  3. All the WIPS are great! I especially like Harvest Delivery. The colors are so pretty.Life does play tricks on us. I have had tinnitus off and on for a few years. It sounds like s-o-s in my ear. I'm always so happy when it takes a break.

  4. Hope you get to feeling better realy soon Shelly. Lovely stitching.


  5. Love the stitching projects. Hope you feel better...

  6. Good progress on your WIPs:) hope you feel better soon.

  7. Really nice WIPs, Shelly! I'm sorry to hear about your problems with vertigo... I only had one episode about 10 years ago and I had to be hospitalized... One was enough for me--ugh!

  8. Lovely wips and great progress!!

  9. Your stitching looks good! Have fun with the treasure chest :) Hope the vertigo doesn't come with a vengeance.