Thursday, October 2, 2014

Exchange goodies have arrived!

Holy Halloween Socks! Just a peek so far...

Here we have black, gray and white twine, Time for Halloween pattern by Brenda Gervais, black and purple fuzzy socks (which I absolutely love), the little ruler which I plan on staining, card and the M&Ms, which are now gone. Thank You very much Vicki! Love it all! 

My first watch locket with the little witch inside. And look at that black arch that its hanging from
See that black bat on the side? This is so pretty. It'll be the centerpiece of my Halloween decorating!

This package came at the right time as I had to have my car towed home after work today because of a flat tire. No spare-ugh! So Dear Daughter will have to drive me to work in the morning. I'll be buying a couple tires this weekend. Needless to say, what Vicki sent cheered me up considerably. Thanks again Vicki!


  1. What a wonderful package to receive.

  2. Isn't it amazing how much such a lovely gift package can cheer us up on days like you had one? Enjoy your goodies.