Sunday, November 16, 2014

Finished with School, Jumped Ship!

Mysterious title, right?!

And I really am finished with School..
School Days by La D Da, pattern found in the October 2003 issue of JCS. An 11 year old magazine that I kept around for all this time just for this pattern. Stitched on 32ct American Chestnut linen with overdyeds, 1 over 2. I enjoyed satin stitching the schoolhouse. BTW, the color of the fabric is more a buttery-brown color than what is shown above. I love it! It's a nice 7 1/4 sq. inches and I should be able to find a nice frame for it. In celebration of this finish and if there are no other designs I see in the magazine that are interesting, into the trash it goes! Unnnnless, someone wants to stitch it! Just let me know.

I have finished my Christmas Ornament Exchange ornament that is due to be mailed on the 24th. I just need to get into my craft room/bedroom and turn it into a flat ornament. It'll be big though for an ornament, but when I realized how big it was, and on 36ct no less, it was too late to find something smaller!

Jumping Ship? Yes, the SFS ship. Stitching from Stash! I emailed Mel to let her know I was leaving last week. I met two goals I set for myself last December when I first joined and that was to halve my stashing in half and purchase a second vehicle. We bought the Toyota Tacoma in May, my daughter and I, and yes my stashing was cut in half. Even better is that I learned to substitute fibers and fabrics, and have some restraint for not burning up the Web buying more. I THINK more about my finger hovering over the BUY button! Haha. My reason for jumping ship? The upcoming Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January (can't remember the rest!) starts in January. I have amassed 59 patterns to start but need more DMCs and some fabric. I wasn't comfortable with buying all this and then lying about it at post time for SFS. What was really nice was I won a chart in the drawing that Mel has for SFS people. I rarely win anything so this was a nice surprise!

Because of the upcoming Crazy January, I haven't started anything new but now with School Days finished I think a couple more Christmas ornaments are in order!

Take care all, especially those of you dealing with cold and snow. I have the front door open here and it's about the high 60's. Thanks for coming by!


  1. Congrats on the cute finish Shelly. I'm getting excited for January.


  2. Your new header is beautiful, where is it? Love the school finish! You did very well with self-control this year!!

  3. My header is the San Francisco Peaks up at Flagstaff, about 90 miles north of me. Over to the left are ski trails.

  4. Love the pretty. Sounds like you have and will be busy .... have you any snow yet? You know the Valley, we are having lots of wind but still warm.

  5. Your La D Da finish is really cute; it looks like it would be a fun stitch. I admire you so much for using up a portion of your stash. I think I am out of control as I only seem to buy more. Oh, well, I guess that makes the world go round and it keeps me stitching and stitching. Maybe I will think about the "stash thing" for 2015.....................