Saturday, December 20, 2014

My mojo has left the building, The rest of the Crazy list, Something Different

That's right! My mojo has got up and left! I don't remember when I last stitched on anything. I think it might have been last weekend. I was stitching an ornament for a co-worker. Well, guess what? I'll just have to give her a couple gingerbread boys and some canned jelly, which I'm doing Sunday for gifts.

But...all is not lost because the hankering to stitch again, I can feel it. This weekend is when I have to finish my Christmas shopping and make the gingerbread boys, and can two items, Apple Cranberry jelly and Blueberry Butter, if I can find blueberries. I don't want to use frozen. All of this in just two days since I'm working Monday to cover Tuesday, when I start my Christmas vacation until the 30th. I normally have a 3 day weekend. I'm looking forward to it and sure needing it! 

Last Monday I paid for a class at Michael's to make one of these
Isn't it pretty? I've always wanted to learn how to make these and had my chance. I was the only student! On the brochure, there was a picture of a jar with gold accents but I wanted something silvery and voila! I love it. On Pinterest (the biggest time sucker for me, doing that instead of stitching!), I've seen vintage salt and pepper shakers with small bottle brush trees inside of them, decorated like mine. So now, it's like..hold me back! I want to hit every antique shop in town!

Well, here's the rest of my list for the Crazy 2015 starts. I'm hoping my mojo will be ready!-

Lil Bo Peep Sampler-Little by Little/Cynthia Bradford
All Dolled Up-LHN
Dear House-La D Da-WIP
Pumpkins & Sunflowers-Nov. '08 CS & NDWK-WIP
Christmas Garden-BBD
s'Gravenhage 1892-Needleprint
Blackwater Hollow Sampler-Stacy Nash-WIP
The Snowmaker-Stoney Creek
Strawberry Fields Forever-BBD
Vintage Stars-Jeannette Douglas-WIP
Exodus 20:16-LHN
Mini Garden Game Board-LHN-Freebie
Blackie Pin Cushion-Homespun Elegance
Winter Wind Sampler-PSS/JCS Jan/Feb '11-WIP
Jacks Bash-PSS
Away We Ride-BBD
Raven-Stitching Studio 
Peaceful Night-JCS Ornie '10 pg. 36
Midnight Ride-JCS Halloween '14 pg. 28
Song of the Seasons-LK-WIP
Spell of the Moon-BBD
Christmas Mitten-BH&G magazine
Valentine Garden-Barrick Samplers
Christmas Carol Sampler-the Primitive Hare
Let it Snow-JCS Ornie '14 pg. 104
Believe in the Magic-JCS Ornie '14 pg. 91
Tombstone Angel Pin Drum-Stacy Nash-WIP
Whatever I feel like on this day!

In this lineup, I have the WIPs, a couple of BAPs. Since I'm doing these in February, I'm waiting until later to buy the threads since some of them take 15 or more yards of an overdyed. I do need to buy them in lots because if I buy one skein here, a couple more later, I run the risk of skeins not matching in color. As a matter of fact, I'm seeing skeins not matching at all with just 4, 5 months in between my purchasing them! That's my rant of the day! Anyway, that final day on the 28th of February, I may pick up a WIP that isn't on the lists or stitch on a freebie or ornament that is near to being finished.

I had originally decided to fly solo, i.e.-no SALs in 2015, but I saw the Gifted Gorgeousness signup by Jo at Serendipitous Stitcher (hope I didn't get that wrong!) and said yeah, I've got a project that qualifies for that-Fancey Blackett's Brooms by Pineberry Lane that Gracie at Needles Pins & Dragonflies sent me for a birthday gift maybe two years ago. It'll do double duty for the two SALs. I also joined another-the Glendon Place Amazing Desserts SAL 2015. Here's what I'll be working on..
I just bought this and others couple weeks ago. With this SAL, we only post our progress every
2 or 3 months, works for me! Here's the link for this SAL:

So I'm not joining Turtle Trot, TUSAL, Stitch From Stash, just these two. Red Velvet Cake will be doing double 
duty also as a Crazy start. I'll have to slide it into January's list somewhere. It calls for PTP fabric, which I love,
and Dinky Dye silks which I'm buying a little at a time, and beads.

Can we slide one more picture in? This is what I won from Mel/Stitch from Stash in the monthly drawing..
I'm seeing a different fabric for this, something that looks like the sea. Probably a PTP! Can't buy those too often!
They're gorgeous fabrics but kinda pricey too.

Okay, you've made it to the end! Congrats! I didn't intend this post to be long. As always, thanks for commenting
and stopping in. Welcome to the new followers, lurkers too! Hope your holiday is progressing unstressfully (is that 
a word?). Take care!


  1. Love the jar you made, it's very sparkly and pretty. Love you SAL Glendon Place choice. Merry Christmas :)

  2. Merry Christmas Shelly. I love the jar you made. Great list for your February stitching. I love that Glendon Place design. I really like the Rainbow Parfait design. Do you think these could be stitched with DMC floss and so beads? If so, I would love to join the SAL.


  3. Love your mason jar tree! How beautiful!
    Merry Christmas! and can't wait to see some finishes in 2015!!!

  4. The tree is cute nothing like paying for a class and getting a private tutor lol. I love the wizard as well and I agree you totally need a sea inspired fabric for it

  5. I love what you did with the mason jar, very pretty. That is a very ambitious list for the coming year. Good luck! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas,

  6. Wonderful class project.... I can see many more in your future. They make great gifts too. Lots to do on your 2015 list.

  7. The mason jar with the tree is adorable! I didn't even know michaels still had classes! I've only joined one SAL too, but I did challenge myself to complete 12 Christmas ornaments for myself next year though! :) can't wait to see your Red Velvet Cake

  8. I love the mason jar, how cute! I am getting ready to list my projects for the new year, what a list but I love a good challenge. I look forward to seeing your finished projects 😊