Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Twenty-one finishes.....How can that be?!!

That's right. I had 21 finishes, all in various states of finishes, all started and finished this year. I've made ornaments out of some, and others are unframed or unfinished finish! By the way, beware this will be another pic heavy post!

Out of all these finishes, Harvest Delivery by PSS was my biggest..
It'll be framed sometime in 2015.

The rest of them were ornament sized to medium, here they are...
At top left is what I just finished-Merry Merry freebie by Summer House stitche workes. A tiny 2 inches square, I subbed silk for 3 DMC colors (leftover Stitch from Stash mentality!). Next is Merry Xmas by unknown designer, A Song, A Song ornament by the Sunflower Seed, Hoo Wants Treats by Cherrywood Design Studio, Angel Abode by Goodflora Stitchwort, and A Long Winters Nap by Erica Michaels. Next row is: Housework Never Killed by LK, Ruby Pemberton Sampler Pillow by Beehive Needleworks, and Home, A Diminutive Sampler by Pineberry Lane. And more...
Top left: Happy Bunny Bunny Day by the Trilogy, Happy Holidays by CCN, Hornbook Angel by the Primitive Angel. Bottom: Lydia Broome Sampler by Pineberry Lane, Celtic Birds by Sunflower Seed, and Snowy Day by LK. Whew. There are four totally finished items that are missing from here that went as exchange gifts. I went through all my posts of this year to find what I started and finished. I'm actually surprised I had this many. 

This year I belonged to these SALs: TUSAL, Stitch from Stash, and Turtle Trot. I crashed and burned with Stitch from Stash, lost Mojo and didn't post anything the last months for Turtle Trot! TUSAL went to the very end. Next year I'll be doing the DSDJUCJC2015 with Linda on Facebook, the Glendon Place Desserts SAL, and the Gifted Gorgeousness 2015 with Jo of Serendipitous Stitching (a button on the sidebar if your interested). Here's what I'll be stitching for the GG..
The chart, fabric and thread were gifted to me for my b-day 2 years ago by Gracie of Needles Pins and Dragonflies. Fancey will do double duty as a Crazy start and for the GG. Thanks again, Gracie!

Next are the WIPs I'm doing for the Crazy..
Top left: Dear House by La D Da, Blackwater Hollow Sampler by Stacy Nash, Pumpkins & Sunflowers from a Crossstitch and Needleworks magazine. Bottom: Vintage Stars by Jeannette Douglas designs (has been a WIP forever, need to work on it more in 2015), and Wicked by Barbara Ana (last minute sub because I couldn't find the Christmas Mitten! Have the threads but misplaced the stitching itself!). Aaand....
Winter Wind Sampler by PSS, Tombstone Angel Pin Drum by Stacy Nash, and Song of the Seasons by LK. I would feel good if I could finish 3 of these next year.

Here's my first start of 2015 at midnight, if I can stay up that late!..
This is Ambiance Automnale by Danybrod. The raven takes two colors, I subbed those for GAST Black Crow. As for the witchy boot, maybe all 310. I'll have to see how that goes. I just can't wait!

I hope all these pictures are not blurry, which is what I'm seeing.

As I usually do on the last post of the year, I assemble my reading for 2015. Take a look..
The top book I'm reading now. I'm rereading The Lord John books for the 3rd time. The last three are recent purchases. I used to be able to lay in bed and read for a long time. But now, I guess due to age, I last 15 to 20 minutes! 

In another month, I'll be 51. Gosh, where does the time go?! I've seen some bloggers doing a goal list of how old they are. I'm not sure I can come up with that many. Sure, I have a bucket list going but past experience tells me that I have to take baby steps. So here goes:

Lose the 6 or 7 pounds I gained in the last 4 weeks!
Read more
Frame 3 finished stitchings
Stay off this iPad/computer more (impossible the first two months since I'm doing the Crazy starts!)
Don't cry over spilled milk!
Exercise more! and the big one...buy less stash! 

That last entry brings me to this..What I Spent On Stash In 2014!!!!

I'm pretty sure I added all my SFS purchases up right. We also had some bonus months too. So here it is- over $300!! Holy cow! That was still too much. We were given $25 budget for the month so since I quit in October, I should have had $250 in purchases but since we had those bonus months in there, I spent an extra $50. Not bad but that still looks like too much. 

Overspending won't be a problem in 2015! I'll be too busy stitching on my 59 projects!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Wishing you all a Wonderful New Year! I appreciate your comments, and your friendship. It means a lot to me. Take Care!




  1. Wonderful finishes and wonderful projects for next year too. I look forward to seeing all your progress over the course of January and February :)

  2. Fabulous post of your yearly stitching and finishes. Love all the ones you stitched! Great new projects too for the new year! Good luck with your goals!!

  3. I'd say you had a very productive year, Shelly!! Loved seeing all of your 2014 finishes and WIPs in this post.

    Best of luck with your 2015 goals--hope it's a great year for you and your family :)

  4. Wonderful post Shelly. Great finishes - great stitching - great goals. I'm looking forward to stitching with you in 2 days.


  5. Love all of your finishes. Happy stitching in the new year.

  6. You have had a great stitching year. I enjoyed seeing all the finishes. I'm not organized enough to think too far ahead. I do know that I could never stitch as many projects as I am old!! I love all the Halloween things you have done or are working on! I have a few in my stash too. Happy New Year!

  7. Congratulations on all the lovely finishes! Great projects for next year :) Happy New Year!

  8. You certainly were busy and it looks like 2015 will be even busier...Happy New Year