Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stashin'! My DSDUCJ/FC2015 List, aye caramba!

After some brain storming, calculations, and substitutions (a lot), I present to you my Debbie's Super Duper Ultimate Crazy Jan/Feb Challenge 2015 list! Embarrassingly enough, all of this is and was from my Stash, yikes! I did buy 80-some skeins of DMC, and a few batches of fabric but I didn't go on a huge buying spree. So lets start:

Better With a Cupcake-Amy Bruecken
Fresh Fallen Snow-JCS  '11 pg. 35 
Christmas Pear-Samplers & Santa's '12 pears
Fancey Blacketts Brooms-Pineberry Lane
Promise Me-LizzieKate 
Miss Baxter's House-Pineberry Lane
Holiday Samplings II-Homespun Elegance
Calico Heart-Notforgotten Farm
Trick or Treat-Praiseworthy Stitches JCS Halloween '12 pg. 101
Without a Mouse-BBD
Hats off to Halloween-LizzieKate 
Ambiance Automnale-Danybrod
Salem Sisters-PSS
Let it Snow-JCS Ornie '08 pg. 43
Flowers for a Friend-Giulia Punti freebie
Joy to the World-JCS Ornie '12 pg. 41
Majestic Bird-JCS Ornie '13 pg. 20
Ghoul Tidings-PSS JCS Halloween '13 pg.51
Autumn Delights-CS&ND Nov. '13
The Journey-LHN
Autumn Leaves-JCS Sept./Oct. '12 pg. 33
White Jack o'Lantern  ""     ""           pg. 44
Christmas Visit-Butternut Road
Jingle Bells-Brenda Gervais
Halloween Revelry-JCS Halloween Sept./Oct. '09 pg. 56
Harvest Pinkeep-Early Workings
Santa's Hat-JCS Ornie '12 pg. 60
Salem Hollow-Pamela Dervaitis
Emmanuel-PSS freebie
Lady Rachel Ruth-Scattered Seed Samplers

This is all just for January. I'll have the list up for February later on. As you can see, I have some freebies and ornaments in there so I won't go totally bonkers! Can you tell I like Halloween? Lol. I have two BAPs in this month also but the rest are mostly medium to small size. The Danybrod design will be my first stitch of 2015. Two years ago, I joined the Yahoo group for the Crazy January starts. I pretty much kept to a schedule of what I was going to stitch and when but for 2015 I will just wing it! Whatever I feel like at the time. I'm so looking forward to this and I'm having startitis right now!

I left Stitch from Stash in October to get ready for the Super Duper and I'm not returning in 2015. So I stashed! From my favorite shop

Here's what I bought..
It felt so good to stash without reservations! The two Notforgotten designs, the Chessie & Me Little Halloween kit, and The Pamela Dervaritis pfd were not bought at Needlecraft Corner, the rest were. All on sale at half off. The Glendon Place design called Red Velvet Cake is my favorite as Red Velvet Cake is my favoritest cake of all. It's a BAP for sure at 17 x17 finished, I believe. Rebecca by La D Da, was a temptation on a SFS post early this year, finally got her! I'm looking forward to starting some of these next year too.

In the coming weeks, I'm going to do a re-cap of the finishes I had, February's Crazy starts, and the big one-What I spent while on SFS! It was still huge, lol!

Take care you all and don't forget about the Giveaway in the last post. It will end tonight at a minute before Midnight Arizona time!


  1. Oh my gosh! You have some of my favorite charts and what a challenge!!

  2. Lovely stash!
    I'm going to enjoy watching all these projects growing is 2015 x

  3. I just bought Rebecca's rabbit recently....very nice stash. And a very long list!!!

  4. Wow, wow, wowsa! I look forward to seeing your WIP's during the year!

  5. Love your January starts. Your new stash is awesome. I'm getting excited.


  6. You are all ready for January start!! Love the new stash :) Have fun!!

  7. That's a lot of projects but it looks like it will be fun! Love all of your new stash :)

  8. Since I see you bought the Red Velvet pattern by Glendon Place, did you know xStitchHaven is hosting a SAL for those patterns this year? Here's the link if you're interested in it:

    Love the other patterns too, and the list, and look forward to seeing your progress this year. :)

  9. Yay! Thanks for joining the SAL! I can't wait to see red velvet stitched up! And Thanks Alyssa for mentioning it!

  10. Wow! I am so impressed--looks like lots of great stitching time in your future, Shelly!