Saturday, December 27, 2014

Updates and Crazy stuff

Hi all! 

Hope your Christmas was filled with family and merrymaking! We had a great one with lots of food and good times.

Warning! A pic-heavy post!

Christmas Eve, I received my ornament from Ann through the Christmas Ornament Exchange that Angela P of Hooked on Stitches hosted. My first envelope finish, take a look..
Is that cute or what? Here's what the rest of it looks like..
Here's the back, with two snap closure inside the flap, and what was inside..
So cute! All the stitching on the ornament and envelope were from different designers. And I really liked the stamp..
A very nice touch. I forgot to email her to let her know it arrived. Thanks Ann!

I had sent Rosalie my ornament through the same exchange but like a dummy, forgot to take a picture! I have a picture of the chart, here it is..
She has a Pinterest board and likes Prim Stitching. This chart was in my stash, so voila! I finished it into a flat ornament as big as a dinner plate! She liked it! Thanks, Angela P. I enjoyed the exchange!

A couple days before Christmas, Pamela received the Giveaway goodies. She loves it all. Here's it is..
I may have to buy me a Knotty Kitten thread organizer, they're so cute!

So I've been rummaging through all my Crazy starts, making sure all the threads are accounted for and fabric. I've made some substitutions and pulled out those being kicked out. I'm still running into projects that need one or two skeins of DMC so picked up some yesterday at Michael's, along with the after Christmas stuff I went after. Here are all 59 projects, in plastic..
I have the first start in its own plastic bin, set aside. 

I thought I'd show you the Crazy BAPs I'm starting in the New Year..

The two BBDs only have a few threads. I'm waiting to buy those but not for long though because if I wait too long, I might not start them for fear of starting such huge projects! I have a UFO that I haven't touched in a couple years and that's this one..
I really should slide that into my schedule and just stitch it! I've only done a third of it. See what I mean about starting huge projects!

Well, here we are, the end. I have today and the next three days left of my vacation. Oh, and you might like to know that my MOJO has come back! I finished a tiny freebie and I'll show that my next post. So I'll be stitching like crazy. Take care, all. I appreciate you and your comments!


  1. Yay for your mojo coming back! That envelope stitch is adorable!

  2. Beautiful projects ready and waiting for you...

  3. I can't wait to see your progress this year! happy new year!

  4. Lovely exchange gifts Shelly. I love all your new starts. Great way to have them stored. I like to roll my fabric if possible so they would not fit in those.


  5. Ooo! I have that Butternut Road design in my stash and I want to stitch it someday... I'll be following your progress and cheering you on! :O)

  6. Wow! You are going to be one busy stitcher! I've gotten myself into a big stitching mess too so don't feel alone!! You've picked some good ones though so I am really looking forward to seeing your progress. I'm hoping for some finishes on my end and I'll bet you are too!! laura

  7. What a great collection!!! So glad your mojo is back!!

  8. Very nice exchange gifts. And some wonderful projects for the new year. So you will be doing your year of BAPs next year, and I will continue stitching on all the huge projects I have started this year ... and certainly add some more projects.

  9. very nice list of projects. can't wait to see them.

  10. Your energy is boundless, that is one impressive list!! The gifts are just lovely ")

  11. Glad you are stitching again! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what your projects are for 2015. I need to get inspired, so this will help. Happy Stitching!!

  12. The exchanges look lovely, you have some great projects to stitch. Happy New Year!

  13. Great exchange! And the ornament you stitched looks lovely. WIll have to search for that one. Your projects are in such nice little organizers. Mine are in plastic bags in a shopping bag!

  14. Can't wait to see your progress on Red Velvet Cake. Are you doing it as part of the Glendon Place Dessert SAL?