Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jumped right into it, we have a winner, and a magazine/fabric giveaway!

Ahh, Spring! It's supposed to get to 74 degrees today. Maybe I can finally turn off the heater!

Although I don't have all the threads needed, I decided to make the leap and start Christmas Garden by BBD!
I've been budgeting for the purchases of the threads needed for this as some call for 3 or 5 skeins each. I have 3 colors and still need 2 others which I'll buy here in another week or two. Above is what I have so far, just some border. It's huge! A new start is definitely what I needed and I haven't picked up anything else! 

So we have a winner from the two that wanted the Aida and that would be LINDA!!!! Linda I have your address from the package you sent me for the Traveling Chest. Wonder what happened to that, if it got lost or what. I think some countries are going through mail strikes. Anyway, I'll have the Aida on its way to you this coming week.

How about another giveaway? This one is for the magazine and the fabric for one design..
My pictures are just terrible, ugh. The 28ct Dawn Grey Jubilee evenweave is for the project on the left-Autumn in New England. Lots of tweeding here, judging by the next picture..
The bracketing represents using one strand of one color and a strand of another. There's a lot of work here but it'll be beautiful when done. Not a whole lot of backstitching either. This is a JCS August 1992 issue with lots of other designs too. I've had this in my stash for a very long time; time for a new home! Who would like it? This time I can send overseas and Canada. As usual, if more than one person wants it, I'll draw names next Saturday. Open to everyone, follower or not.

Alrighty! That's it for today, a short post. I'm stitching on my GG project so I'll be back tomorrow to post for that. The 15th already! Time is just speeding by. 

Take care!


  1. Your new header is beautiful!! You will be glad you stitched Christmas Garden. I put the alphabet at the bottom instead of the words Christmas Garden so I keep it up all year.

  2. Thank you Shelly. That is so kind of you. I love your new project.
    I was following the Traveling Chest around blog land. It seems to have stopped a few blogs later. She may have sent it on but just not posted on her blog.


  3. Oh I can't wait to see BBD Christmas Garden when you are done!
    Congrats to Linda!!
    Please add me to the list of people who would like to win!
    Thank you!

  4. Boo!! Ha ha thought I would pop in on you today!!.. I love all this hopping about it makes me smile :). Oooh my,.... I would kill.... Ok not that far but I would love to enter you wonderful giveaway as your magazine looks GREAT!!
    I can see why that autumny (is that a word? - maybe it's one of my words!) design was in your stash.. The colours are beautiful... A bit like my "Five Houses Of Hope" Blue Ribbon design I am currently stitching..oooh and almost finished :).
    Have a wonderful Monday and week ahead :)
    Smiles :)

  5. Do you know I was that excited about being here I totally forgot to say 'hello'!! And I really like your photo at the top... Wow is that where you live..hmmm not the road, but the area? Wow!!
    And lovely stitching too....I am looking forward to following your progress :)
    Smiles :)

  6. Nice start on Christmas Garden. I love forward to seeing your continued progress.
    Congrats to Linda!

  7. Lovely giveaway! Please count me in. I'll have to look for a copy of Christmas Garden, the designs look beautiful.

  8. Your BBD looks like a monster! 3-5 skeins of some colours? Wow. It will be beautiful though I'm sure.

  9. Great to see you make on start on your BBD :o)
    If you giveaway is still open, please add me to the list :o)
    Hugs xx