Sunday, May 3, 2015

Big and little finishes, and more

Greetings from a blustery sunny day in Arizona!

I just couldn't wait for the 15th to show off my bigger finish-Fancey in all her glory!
Fancey Blackett's Brooms by Pineberry Lane, on 30ct WDW Beige linen, stitched with DMC. She was a lot of fun but I'll tell you, those corn tassels were a pain! I made a few mistakes with them but its hard to tell and I'm calling it done! And i just noticed I forgot a stitch! I was moseying about at the 123Stitch site and saw two other Fancey charts. I can envision a whole Fancey wall! Hopefully the designer will keep on with Fancey Blackett.

My next finish is my 6th Crazy start/finish..
Hats off to Halloween by LizzieKate. So cute! The buttons came with the kit. 

And here's the 7th finish..Joy to the World, an ornament from the 2012 JCS issue..
Looking at this this way, I can now see that North America is noticeable with South America at the bottom right and my area is in browns. When I was stitching Earth, I couldn't tell what was what. I'm pretty sure you can see the Great Lakes too. It was all fun and games after stitching Earth!

I stashed again! It's getting out of hand, my spending. I see the first section of Stitch from Stash is about to end; I may throw in for the second portion. But anyway, here's my new stuff..
In the Pines I bought from my favorite ONS and the other three were bought from a blogger who was downsizing.

I finally bought some fabric for my Red Velvet project..
The fabric is 28ct Brandied Apple that I bought from an eBay store. It's much cheaper than the Picture this Plus fabric the chart calls for. I saved at least $30 buying something different. The color is a little off as there is more a red tone to it. I'm in the SAL called Glendon Place Amazing Desserts. I didn't bother posting for it April 15th since all I had was the chart and silks. July 15th is the next posting date for this SAL so I'll have some stitching to show then.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! I'm watching the 3rd season of Longmire on Netflix right now. The new season starts this summer on Netflix so I'm getting reacquainted. I noticed MASH is on Netflix too, the whole 11 seasons! I'll check that out soon too.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Great stash and wonderful finishes! I just love Fancey. A whole wall of her would be wonderful.

  2. Congratulations on three lovely finishes! All so different.

  3. Congrats on all of the beautiful finishes Shelly. Love your new stash.


  4. Congratulations on your wonderful finishes! That's a really nice stash.

  5. Congrats on your lovely finishes :)

  6. Oh, that Fancey finish is so adorable, Shelly! Just look at the "face" on the witches stew pot--so cute! No one will ever know about the stitching mistakes in those corn stalks, either :) Your new LK and ornament finishes are darling, too. And what great new stash--the Wash Day one is so sweet. Enjoy!

  7. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for Miss Fancey. I love the idea of a Fancey wall.
    The Glendon Place is gorgeous and the fabric looks great. But however much is the PTP is you saved $30?

  8. Look at all your lovely finishes!!! That Fancey is such a cute character!!! And I love the music notes and the world on "Joy to the World."
    You got some nice stash, so there will be more wonderful finishes in the future, I'm sure!