Friday, February 5, 2016

Home and technology

I am home! I was never so glad to see Phoenix, probably the only time, lol. Our flight from New Orleans was pretty bumpy the first half of the ride. The pilot kept descending a little to avoid the turbulence, then rising up again. I was sure I was going to die!!

I'm keeping the feet on the ground for awhile.

Here are some pictures of the cemetery tour we took..
I have more but I'm not able to put up more. I took these pictures with a regular camera and now can't get these pictures over to my ipad. I've uploaded them to a regular PC and posting on the regular Blogger. So they may be small pictures. As soon as I find a way to unlock my laptop, I can upload the camera pictures to that and then email somehow to save to my ipad. Sometimes technology is a pain in the butt!

Tonight I will be stitching, yay! I am stitching on Whoo's There by PS and a lot of progress has been made. I think this weekend I can finish it up. I'll let you all know!


  1. Glad you are home safely, Shelly! The cemeteries in New Orleans remind me so much of the ones we just saw in Argentina--little cities of the dead...

  2. Glad you made it home safe Shelly. Great pictures.


  3. Great pictures I'm so glad I wasn't on that flight! I would have been throwing up everywhere lol. I glad you're back safe :)

  4. I just hate flights like that! Glad you are home and safe. The cemetery pictures are very interesting!

  5. Great photos and glad you're home safe.

  6. One thing I've never done in NOLA is take a cemetery tour! I really want to do that one day!
    When we drive in, you pass by several. They are so unusual!