Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winner and progress

I have drawn a name and the winner of the PS chart and fabric is...............BARB the Wicked Stitcher!
Whoop! Whoop! Email me at        Barb, to let me have your mailing address. 

I have been stitching on The Journey...
I must say that stitching up and down, up and down is pretty boring! I'm really hankering for a new start of something and really fighting the urge. I would prefer to finish this but....I might start a few new things this weekend. I'm watching Downton Abbey season 5 right now and I have the 6th season in DVD. There again, I'm trying not to watch the entire final season! 

Yes, it's been a weekend of fighting my urges! Speaking of fighting urges, since I don't have a significant other, I bought myself a little package of chocolate truffles and bought some stash! Can't wait for my stash!

Thanks for stopping in! Wow, those of you in the upper Midwest and the East coast are just getting walloped with cold. Hope you're keeping warm and safe. Not to make anyone mad but it has been in the middle 70s here where I live! Front door is open, heater shut off! Oh, and...


  1. Well, now that I know it's in the middle 70s and that your front door is open, you may find a whole bunch of us in your living room 'cuz it a high of only 19 today and it's so cold. Brrrrrrr!!! I'm in Michigan and we are in the middle of a big deep freeze!!! Would you mind a "few" visitors?

  2. Love the progress on The Journey...I have it and should pull it out to stitch.

  3. I love stitching borders - you can send it to me! It's a lovely design so please stick with it.
    Would love to see what you treated yourself to - good for you!

  4. Congrats to Barb!
    The Journey looks great, nice colors.
    Happy V Day!

  5. Nice progress Shelly. Congrats to the winner.


  6. Lucky me! I am so happy to be the winner. I will email you with my info. I love the Journey. I just read a book with a SW setting, it was "Thunderhead" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It was a very exciting book. It delt with a fictionalized story about the Anasazi. It was not the kind of book I generally read but I loved the setting.

  7. Congrats Barb! And nice work on this one, although I feel your pain with the repetitiveness. Good luck fighting your urges, and it's good to indulge occasionally.

  8. I am in a suburb of DC and we are freezing!!!

  9. Lol Shelly we've had to turn on our ac a few times we've been in the 80s! Your stitching looks lovely :)

  10. Have to say, I love your Heart Made out of Floss... So cool it is - as I do believe my heart does belong to my stitching - maybe a clue as to why I can't stay married... I am in Central New York -we were -22 this weekend - that is without windchill - back up to 27 today and freezing rain... I do love "The Journey" I love the colors.

  11. Sounds like it's a lovely time to be in Prescott! Our temperatures were actually mid-60s yesterday, but with a stiff wind so not too pleasant.

    Keep up with the progress on The Journey! A friend of mine stitches one length of floss each day on projects she's getting tired of, then goes on to a project that has her interest. It works well for her, but I haven't tried it myself yet.

  12. Oh, your weather sounds perfect, Shelly! Some day I will make it to AZ--have only been to New Mexico, but it was quite cool then (October in Santa Fe). We are frozen and snow-covered here--kind of housebound really :(

    I really am enjoying seeing The Journey grow--such an interesting piece and perfect for the southwest...