Saturday, April 2, 2016

Post-Easter, finishes, startitis, spring cleaning

Good Morning or Afternoon, Or Tomorrow! 

With the Pioneer Woman cooking up a 16 minute salad in the background, I thought I would show some stitching. Picture heavy.

I stitched two Spring-y designs, both freebies. This first one is Bad Hare Day, which I had in my last post but I finished it into an itty bitty cube..

I just decorated it as I went along! The burlap flower at the top I decorated with pastel colored pins. I like to put rubber baby buggy bumpers (try saying that quickly!) for feet on my cubes. Protects the cube itself and furniture.

I started Ewephoria by Mosey 'n Me on this pretty pale pink evenweave that I won from Tiffany from Tiffstitches but didn't make it under the wire..

The color is sure washed out on this! Trust me, it's pale pink, haha. I had to go online to see colors of sheep! I decided on the dark head and legs kind of sheep. I only see sheep at the county fair here, once a year! This is a freebie also. I'll finish this up soon. I need the other streamer, the other half of her body, and a patch of grass under the sheep. So stay tuned.

I also finish finished a Christmas design, a Pineberry freebie. I'm pretty sure it's Pineberry!
 My Santa looks like he spent some time in Florida at the beach. Nice tan, Santa! I should have put some red x stitches at the junction of linen and fabric to spruce it up some but I like it.

Last weekend, I kind of went on a 4 hour start marathon. Each hour I started something new. So here's one that I'm still working on

Lindsay Lane Designs has been putting out some nice designs lately. This is on 40ct with called for silks. Very dainty, I put a quarter beside it for size comparison. I'm on the lookout for a white candy dish or egg cup small enough to put this in it for the pincushion. I think what I have in mind is the dishes that are called Milk paint or Milk-something like that. I am nearly done and it's been my before-I-go-to-bed project.

I also started this..
Yes, PSS. On the called for fabric and overdyes. I have to have my Halloween fix!

The two other designs I'll show when I have more stitching on it. 

Before I went back to work, I did some spring cleaning in my craft room/bedroom. Went through piles of magazines, old JCS that had projects I had wanted to do but not any more. I'll be heading to Goodwill to drop things off and to the Swap Meet to sell oodles of books, clothes I can't fit because I can't get my head together to lose more weight!, craft stuff I won't be using, and more. This brings me to this little GIVEAWAY! Here are the items:

#1 Fiddler Aida 11.5 x 11.25 

#2 White Sparkly evenweave 19 x 13.5

#3 Sparkly dyed evenweave 17 x 13

#4 28ct Silver Blue linen 13 x 18


#6 25ct Oatmeal Floba 2 pieces 18 x 14 and 18.25 x 13.5
This Floba is such a nice neutral color. 

I don't stitch with Aida no more with the exception of a long standing WIP that is on Aida that I will conquer some day. The two evenweaves I don't know the count of and while I'm not a fabric snob, I just like stitching on 30ct and higher so the 28ct can go. LizzieKate chart, and believe me I have more to let go.

Everybody is welcome, overseas too. Follower or not. Leave a comment with the number of the item(s) you like and I will draw names on the 13th. I won't be separating names for each item so one person could very well win the whole kit and kaboodle! I'll throw in extras too. 

I still have more organizing to do and because I have stitch stuff spread out allover this house, I may have a few more giveaways this month.

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I know by reading your blogs that you did. My daughter and I went to the last day of the Renaissance Festival down past Phoenix last Sunday where it reached 85. Thats warm for me, that's summer! Lol. I have pics but my cell phone is not cooperating with me to let me have my pics. We always have a good time and I have to have the funnel cake! Not bad considering I have one every other year or two!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Shelly, I read your blog often and love your stitching. And, I would like ALL of that stash you are giving away :)

  2. That cube turned out so cute! I stitched Ewephoria a couple of years ago and I also chose the black face. It's a fun little stitch.

  3. Love your projects ...and that Kansas sunflower is wonderful.

  4. Congrats on all of the awesome finishes and starts Shelly. They all look great. What a nice giveaway. I am interested in #1 and #5. I only stitch on 14ct aida.


  5. Your gray hare finish is so cute. I think you'll enjoy seeing it wherever you display it. Thanks for all you're sharing. I'm most interested in fabric; please consider me for 2, 3, 4 (especially this one!), and 6. Thank you!

  6. Awesome new starts and your finishes are wonderful as always. I'm looking forward to seeing Ewephoria completed!

  7. I don't think that funnel cake will hurt you at all. I just love the Halloween Delivery. That's one I have on a future to do list. All the finishes look great. That little tan Santa is cute, I like the finish!

  8. I enjoy your blog & seeing your beautiful stitching. Please consider me for all of your giveaway items. Thank you!

  9. You have a bunch of cute finishes.
    Love the LL piece, pretty colors.

  10. As a former resident of Phoenix, I love reading your blog. Thank you for this opportunity. I'm interested in numbers 2, 3,4 and 6.

  11. Great stitching I'll pass on this giveaway but it's a nice one :)

  12. I love your cube finish - it's gorgeous and what a great idea to put pins in the burlap bow! I'm in the UK so will pass on your lovely giveaway.

    1. I can ship to the UK, Justine. Heck, I'm fine with shipping to Timbuktu! Now whether it arrives there is another story!

  13. Great FFOs and starts! I'd be interested in everything, but would like any 3 parts so someone else could win too. I'm glad you started on the pink! I can confirm it is definitely pink. :)

  14. What a very pretty cube finish!
    I will pass on the giveaway as I am too far but these are gorgeous fabrics :)
    Good luck to all your participants.

  15. Love that tan Santa, Shelly! Really a cute finish... And your little hare finish is so sweet. I like the burlap flower you've used on top with the ribbon.

    A new start each hour! Now that is a new one :) Sounds like fun!!

    Would love to put my name in for #6--I've never stitched on Floba, but it might be a good "over one" fabric :) Thanks for the chance, Shelly...

    1. And we all know how much you like to stitch "over one"! You're in!

  16. I love reading your blog! I'd be interested in the linen and evenweaves. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Your cube finish is so cute! I've never made a cube--I should probably give that a try!!
    Your giveaway looks great! I'd love to enter for 2, 3, or 5! You are doing what I should be doing--cleaning out and purging! You are very smart!!!

  18. I love your Kansas Sunflower Pin cushion. Looking forward to seeing the finish. In your give-a-way, I am an aida user. Thank you for your generosity.

  19. Beautiful finishes! The Euphoria piece just makes me smile. :) Thanks for the generous giveaway. I would love #1.