Saturday, December 14, 2013

I left my mojo in Las Vegas, Final Turtle Trot 2013, long post!

My mojo went missing this whole past week, so I'm thinking I left it in Vegas. I had packed one of the sachets with me to work on during some down time. What down time?! We were in the hotel room just to sleep and change clothes! We stayed at Circus, Circus for the two nights we were there. Comfortable I would say, nothing fancy. But the price of a bottled water in a vending machine at the hotel was $3.00! Needless to say, we bought our water at a drugstore. We went to see the National Finals Rodeo, held every year in December in Las Vegas. It's like the Super Bowl of rodeo. I was raised around rodeo; my mothers family rodeoed, some still do, and my fathers family raised cattle and horses. So being around cowboys and rodeo is nothing new.

I didn't get photos of the arena but I did of a few of The Strip, one of a certain pawn shop, and a couple others. My daughter was the passenger and the photog. Amazingly I didn't hardly take pictures of anything! I just forgot I guess. So here are my few pics!

The MGM Grand, bathed in green in top photo. There was a Rainforest Cafe (I think that's the correct name) inside and we had to walk a long ways to reach this cafe. This hotel is just huge. Anyway, I wished I took a picture of this cafe as it felt like you were in an actual rainforest. There were animal sounds, a sky above you with stars and clouds, moving elephants and cheetahs and birds. Sometimes a thunderstorm would come through with lightning and thunder. Pretty neat. Prices were pricey though. But to me, portions were big. I had a Cobb salad and it took up a whole long plate. For two meals, an appetizer, drinks, the bill came to a little over $50. My daughter went to one of these cafes in Tempe, which is a city next to Phoenix, and begged me to go to this one.

The photo above is of the Venetian, I think. Inside its beautiful, makes you think you're in some palace in Italy. Along with the rodeo were trade shows that cater to the country, rodeo, horsey set. They sold things like cattle chutes, clothing, jewelry, art. One such trade show was inside this hotel. If we go again next year, I want to stay here!

Here's that certain pawn shop. Do you recognize it!

The Pawn Shop on tv! This was a must-see! We could only take a pic driving by as parking was around the side and back and at midnight, I wasn't about to walk through the dark.

By the time Sunday evening came, I was pretty well tuckered out. I had blisters on both feet, I have bad knees and they were yelling at me. Saturday we were wandering along The Strip at midnight! That's way past my bedtime!

On our way to Las Vegas though, we stopped at the bridge that crosses over the Colorado river. It bypasses Hoover Dam, which you could pass over at one time. Not anymore, thanks to 9/11. My brother worked on this bridge at the very beginning of its construction. You can take an exit and walk on the walkway or go on the dam. Here are pictures of both the dam, Lake Mead, and looking waaaaay down from the walkway.

Just looking at this picture above makes me dizzy. The wind was blowing like crazy that day and being on this walkway was like being in an open top tunnel, it was just whistling through there.

I was glad to come home! This weekend I'm doing NOTHING! Sorry for yelling. I've already warned everyone that I'm not moving from this couch. Except to finish my sachets, buy a Christmas tree. We're doing live this year. For the past 6 years, we've had fake trees. I destroyed two vacuums vacuuming up needles. This year we want live. Interesting to see what our cats will do! Wish us luck!

Okay, Turtle Trot, the last one. Can't believe it. I worked on Fancey Blackett

Here's before

She'll be one of my Turtle Trot 2014 WIPs.

Last post I mentioned I didn't have much Christmas charts-I'm taking care of that!

I know that middle one is not Christmas, but will you take a look at that black velvet strawberry!! I had to have it. I also bought two new charts from Shakespeare's Peddler, Christmas ones!

I'm waiting on word from Barb for her mailing address. Here's what I'm sending her-a $30 e-gift card to 123stitch, a sachet, some holiday appropriate goodies! Catherine, I'll have your sachet + stuff in the mail this coming week. Justine, I sent you an email.

I received a very nice package from Gracie at Gracie, I'm just blown away by your tatting talent! Here's one of her tatting creations

It's so dainty and petite! See the beads as ornaments. It's by far one of the prettiest things I've seen! She also sent me a kit

Thank You, Gracie! She also sent a Christmas card, my first of this season. No one sends Christmas cards anymore, it's sad.

Well I believe this is the end of this novel! After I hit the publish button, I remember other things to talk about! This is long enough though!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Oh, and its supposed to be 50 degrees here today! Short sleeve weather, alright! And 65 on Tuesday or Wednesday. Just this past week it was 11 degrees when I went to work at 5:40 am. Crazy weather, but I'll take it. Hope those of you in cold areas stay warm and dry!

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  1. Wow! I just read the give-away. You are so generous! I order from 123 Stitch all the time. Plus the sachet- I can't wait! I have never been to Vegas and really enjoyed the photos. We watch the Pawn Shop all the time so it was fun to see your picture!

  2. I am happy you like the ornament. You have been so encouraging.

  3. Loved seeing your pics from Vegas. I didn't realize you can no longer drive across the dam, but it makes sense. I would have loved to have gone in to the pawn shop ~ but can understand why you didn't since it was so late and all. Hope your feet and knees have recovered from all the walking! Love your goodies! That tree from Gracie is so sweet!

    1. Actually, you can drive over the dam but you have to turn around a little past that and come back to the Nevada side to get back on US 93 to drive into Arizona. Thanks Catherine. When I read your comment, I realized I had got that wrong! Knees and feet have recovered! :))

  4. Great update! Looks like fun times.
    What a wonderful ornament from Gracie and lovely new stash.
    Have a great week!

  5. What a great trip you had Shelly!! Love all the photos you took, it's like I went there with you!. Great job on your stitching and nice stash enhancement. I really like the Primitive Christmas design. Grace's tatted tree is so delicate and pretty. What a lovely gift. I'm with you on feeling sad about the lack of Christmas cards. I've had one...from my mom-in-law. My Nana was telling me that she's received two! She usually gets tons! I think the rising cost of mailing as well as people getting caught up with media are the culprits. Happy Christmas Shelly!!

  6. Wow, if only I had known that you were in Vegas for the Rodeo. So you went to Country Christmas at the Sands Expo off of the Venetian? I was one of the massage therapists right inside the doors when you walked into the show. It would have been cool just to say hi! Well, maybe next year!!