Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Stitch from Stash

"Time for SFS! It feels like it was just yesterday I was doing September's SFS!

Month: October 2015

Spent: $20.00 and $9.99 = $29.99
        I bought JCS Christmas ornament magazine and PSS Merry One

Earned: $14.00 

The breakdown: 
      Balance from September-$26.50
      October add.                 +  25.00
      New balance                  =  51.50
      Spent.                            -   29.99
      Balance.                         =  21.51
      Earned.                           + 14.00 $8 for a giveaway pinkeep, $4 for Wicked and $2 for Waiting
Balance for November          =  $35.51

Maybe by December, I'll figure out a better way to do a balance sheet for this, lol.

Pictures! Here's my spending..
I guess I should be lucky I was able to get my paws on that PSS! Paulette says they're sold out. Sorry for the dark picture. I have about 7 ornaments picked from this magazine to stitch. I never Not find anything to stitch from these magazines.

I finished 3 things- two Halloween giveaway items and this little itty bitty kitty called Waiting..
Taken from the 2012 JCS Halloween magazine
I stitched it on 28ct Tarnish linen with my own overdyes, all from my stash. This thing is about 2.5 sq. inches. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. It's soo cute!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of what Heather and Missy received from my Halloween giveaway. For those of you who don't know, Heather blogs at Fantasy Cross Stitch and Missy blogs at Missylaneous. Heather has pictures up of what I sent her. But I'm not sure about Missy.

And look at this..
The mystery Christmas SAL Paulette is hosting. I'm putting all of them on this piece of 36ct Vintage Maritime with DMC threads. I'm adding a few other colors to the mix. Like this pattern, it has one pear that is a different color than the other pears. So I looked for a thread that looked like pear color, a light greenish yellow. Now that my Halloween stitching is done I'll pay attention to this SAL and what I put together for my Christmas stitching, below but ignore that owl!
These are the plans anyway because all of my WIPs are really starting to talk to me! If I finish all of these, I have more as backup!

I am joining the Debbie's Crazy January SAL in 2016. No super duper for me! I'm thinking 15 but may do 30. I'll be better organized than I was this year! The sad part is I have a full 30 projects kitted now that I was supposed to do in February of this year. So I'm pretty set right now!

My daughter and I are headed to Las Vegas, or Lost Wages as I've heard some people call it, in December and Hallelujah! there is a cross stitch shop there! I will be bribing my daughter to go with me, haha. I better save up some SFS credits and finish more things between now and the first week of December. Yee-Haw!! 

Thanks everyone for stopping in. I've had some new followers by way of Bloglovin, Welcome! I have a few no-reply followers too, thanks since I can't reply to you. 

Take Care!


  1. Love seeing all your goodies... your header is soooo creepy! :O)

  2. Have fun great stitching! We're trying to go to Vegas in December too

  3. Love your header, just right for Halloween! Sounds like you and your DD have fun plans!

  4. Shelly: I have been trying to find the new Plum Street pattern, nope sold out.
    Great stitching choices.
    Love the header picture so spooky looking.


  5. Wonderful goodies, love the little owl at the bottom... so so cute!

  6. Love the new blog header - ohhhh sppppoooky!! The little cat ornament is so darn cute!!

  7. Your stitching is fantastic and your projects are just adorable.

  8. Oh, that little cat finish is so sweet, Shelly! What a perfect choice of fabrics, too!

    After reading that Merry One is now sold out, I immediately got online and found one last one in a shop in Indiana :) Thanks for the heads up--that chart is so sweet :)

    Good luck in Las Vegas!

  9. Love your blog header pic!
    Your little kitty ornament is too cute, and great stash and projects-to-be.
    I hope you have fun in Vegas!!!