Monday, October 12, 2015

The winner and exchange goods!


I have survived the Great Pepper Fire! I'm good but I haven't broke into a jar just yet to see what they taste like, haha. 

Onto the business at hand! 

                 LEE is the winner of the magazine and fab/floss!

Lee, email me at to leave your mailing address and I'll get it out to you asap.

As for my Halloween giveaway, Heather has emailed me with her address but Missy, no. Where are you Missy?? 

I have not received my Halloween Harvest exchange goodies just yet but my recipient got hers from me:
Becky does not have a blog but she does FB. I made her the box at the top with the August freebie from the Stitcherhood, fabric and trims because she finishes her own things, caramel, cinnamon candle, a thread holder, two overdyed threads, charms, a Notforgotten chart and fabric to go with it. Here's a closeup of the box..
I enjoyed making it. I also changed the color of the Quaker emblem on the stitched section and boy, can a button with a ribbon cover up a joining problem! 

I believe this is the last exchange for me. I love them but s___ happens and sometimes your partner isn't able to send your goodies on time. I can understand that but it's happened the last two exchanges I've taken part in. Is it me? Who knows. Besides, it interferes with my Halloween stitching! Woo haw! 

Finally, finally I'm stitching for myself! I'm so bad, I have forgotten the Friday Frolics with Kitten Stitching SAL, the Americana SAL, and the PS SAL. but my excuse is giveaway and exchange stitching. And I missed the Gifted Gorgeousness last month because of Mr. Mojo leaving the building. So last night, I pulled out my Whoo's There and started on the scary house. I'll update the PS SAL with that one, pictures forthcoming.

That about does it. I'll be back on the 15th with Whoo's There for the GG. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your autumn box is wonderful, Shelly, and I totally agree about the benefits of ribbons and buttons :) I have only done a few exchanges, but found them too stressful--I don't work well with stitching deadlines as that takes the fun out of just stitching for relaxation. I hope you receive your part of the exchange very soon!

  2. Sorry it took so long I was out of town for a few days and didn't have time to more than glance at my phone lol. Glad I wasn't the last though! Congrats Lee!

    1. Oh no, you were perfect Heather. I announce winners on the blog but sometimes have to email them directly if too much time goes by.

  3. Thank you Shelly!! I am so excited!! I will email you tonight. I love the Autumn box - so pretty!!

  4. Congrats to the winners!
    I love the box, what a lovely creation!