Thursday, October 15, 2015

Whoo's There?

Is there anybody out there? Quick, what song or singer is that lyric from?

Well, it's Gifted Gorgeousness time again and house construction has begun on Whoo's There..

So the color of this fabric is actually white and gray, not how it looks above. I'm too lazy to get off the couch for a better picture! I'm hoping for a finish before this Halloween, fingers crossed. 

Thanks for the well wishes, my headache has been gone. We're due for 3 days of rain and maybe that had something to do with it. My daughter came home sick tonight, oh boy. Fun times ahead! Not!


  1. It looks great! I'm glad your headache went away :) I hope your daughter gets well soon!

  2. Great work! Hope you and your daughter are better soon.

  3. wooooo.. spooky.. hope you will get it done soon. ;)

  4. Happy for you that the headache is gone! I think Smash Mouth sings Who's There :) Love the stitching!!

  5. The first time I heard the phrase Is there anybody out there it was a Pink Floyd song, now you can tell my age by my music.
    I am so glad your headache is gone, when we have rain coming I get a slight headache, I hope your daughter is getting better.
    I love this design, Halloween is a fun time of the year, I am suer you will get this done.


  6. Good to hear that you are feeling better. Love the stitching

  7. Is there anybody in there, just nod if you can hear me! Hubby is a big Pink Floyd fan and he is quite jealous I got to see The Wall performed in Berlin and he didn't !
    Anyway, thanks for taking part in GG this month. Great progress on your spooky PS design.

  8. Nice progress Shelly. Glad your headaches gone.


  9. Glad your headache is better, Shelly--I suffer from weather related headaches, too, so that really could have had something to do with it...

    What a great start--I'm sure you'll finish before Halloween :)

  10. Who's there is looking great! You just can't beat Prairie Schoolers--they are really wonderful! I'm trying to get a Halloween stitch done before the day--may not happen!!! haha
    So sorry you've had migraine trouble. I had them really bad a few years ago. My doctor prescribed Relpax for them and it works so well for me--take one and your headache is gone in two hours! Such a lifesaver! If you don't have it, ask your doctor about it!!

  11. As soon as I read your first sentence my brain starting to sing the Pink Floyd song.... :o)
    Love your PS stitching.... Whoo's There is a lovely design
    Sorry to hear that you have been suffering the dreaded migraines.... they really are so horrible to deai with... hope it stays away now!
    Hugs xx

  12. That a great Halloween design and I'm sure you get it done until the end of this month.
    Good to read that your headache has gone. I hope that also your daughter already feels better by now.
    BTW, great header picture!

  13. Picture looks great - hope you are all feeling better!!

  14. Lovely stitching!!
    Hope you both feel better now :)