Saturday, January 25, 2014

SFS2014 check in, and more

Time for my SFS check-in! This is exciting!

I spent $15.19 on thread for one of my new starts. My new starts from stash are all those in my personal 10 day start from the 1st. But here are 3 that I spent a little more time on

This is a tiny design. I'm stitching it on 36ct but the model is on 40ct! I'm using 1 strand of Gloriana silk, love the feel of it but it sure hangs up on my dry hands!

Blackwater Hollow Sampler. When I first started this, I wasn't too sure of 1 over 2, but now really like it.

LK Song of the Season, I think it's called! Not bad at all. I'm surprised its going to fit on this fabric that came with it because all the finishes I've seen on other blogs, it looks so big! That's probably why I never started it last year when I bought it.

And any WIPs or UFOs I worked on-I finished one!

Winters Nap by Erica Michaels. Turns out I had enough Juniper color floss for all the trees. There were more snowflakes up around the top trees but I settled on the few. 'Nap' is also a Turtle Trot WIP.

I also finished a new start-Housework Never Killed by LK

Love it! I'm going to frame this but it would look nice as a pillow too.

I thought I'd put up one or two Temptations during my SFS posts. Here are two

Borrowed from 123Stitch, this is from Long Dog Samplers called Rain Dance. I see at least one blogger stitching this. It's a BAP but I love it! And the other Temptation is this nice LHN Tumbleweeds design also borrowed from 123Stitch! It speaks to my Southwestern USA roots as does the one above

Those have been my WhydidijointheSFS?!!! Shakespeare's Peddler was or is having a sale on her Etsy site. I'm not sure if it was a one day sale or not. And of course, 123Stitch! This will be hard. I realize that what I didn't spend this month can be added to February but I just have so much stash that the two designs above would just get shoved to the back like everything else! Shamefacedly, I'm amazed that I have fabric and and thread for almost everything I have. I can substitute something I don't have with DMC. It's humbling for sure. Thanks Mel, for putting this together. This is almost the 12 Step program that some of us have been looking for!

There's a Harry Potter marathon on tv today, so that's what I'm watching as I stitch up my second ornament for the month, a Halloween design.

Hoping that second vortex is easing up for some of you back East! I went into work one morning at 5:55 am Arizona time in December last year and it was 11 degrees. Cold enough but to deal with below zero is hard to fathom. I think I'll stay in Arizona for the time being!

Take care everyone! Thanks for the comments and stopping by!

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  1. I just have to get that Tumbleweeds project. I feel for my friends/family back in RI with the cold, but here I sit in shorts and way I go back there!

    1. I want it too! I've had the front door open since noon, overcast here but I'll take it!

  2. I had the same problem with dry hands. I recently found O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream (they have it on Amazon) and it was a game changer for me. My hands no longer stick to or snag material/thread. Thanks for sharing - great stitching.
    Christine (from sub zero PA ... Brrrrrr!)

  3. I wish I was basking in sunshine and warm weather right now. I live in SC and I am NOT liking this cold one bit :)

    I can't wait to ride this SFS2014 alll the year long. Great project so far

  4. Well done :) Great SFS report! Mine has just been posted too.

  5. I love the Tumbleweeds pattern! I'm glad you're enjoying your weather - we're in the seventies all week out here, so nothing to complain about (except of course, we need rain).

  6. Great SFS update. You have gotten a lot of stash stitching done. I love the housework finish.
    Your wish list patterns are both lovely.
    Have a great week!

  7. Great update! You are doing so good ~ I did not commit to this one, I am weak ~ especially when all the new goodies come out at market time! Wishing I could be sitting with my door open, but then we would all be frozen!