Thursday, January 30, 2014

TUSAL January #2

I was a stitching dynamo this month-behold!!!

Believe me, this is a lot for me. I received some birthday stitching money yesterday (yes, I celebrated my half-a-century b-day, yikes!) so I'm off to spend it! Best thing is that it's exempt from the SFS budget!

Be back on the 10th for Turtle Trot. Take care and welcome to my new followers!

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  1. Happy Birthday . Hope you had a great day . Enjoy your stash x

  2. Happy Birthday and enjoy spending the money!!

  3. Happy Birthday Shelly!!! I'll be expecting a Stash Acquisition post from you soon!!!

  4. Oh! Happy Belated Birthday Shelly! We share the same birthday month :D Yay!! Have a blast spending the bday money!! Hugs

  5. Happy belated Birthday!
    And your TUSAL looks great