Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 11, lol!

I can't seem to come up with a catchy title!

Here's my 11th start as I watch some football between Denver and Indianapolis. Don't like either but would like the Colts to win. But anyway..
The fabric I'm using, 40ct Dill Newcastle linen by PTP, doesn't match the model but I'll live with it. The model looks orangey-ish. I managed to stitch that much before my eyes gave up. That's why I don't stitch too much with 40ct. I ended up with a headache. I'll work on it in bits and pieces. I have had this kitted up for the last 2 or 3 years so its nice to get it going. The pattern is found in the annual Halloween JCS Sept./Oct. 2009 issue and is designed by the Primitive Needle.

Thanks for stopping in. See y'all tomorrow!


  1. That 's a great design. She is one designer that I miss! 40ct. is just too small for me to stitch on with any regularity. I stick to 32, much easier on my eyes.

  2. I have a WIP on 40 ct. I need to get busy and finish it before I get any older! :O)

  3. NIce progress beautiful fabric I felt the same way about the Packers and Cowboys--I wanted both of them to loose

  4. I would never be able to stitch on 40ct. I do like the colour though!