Saturday, January 10, 2015

Playing hookey..and other excuses

The last two weeks of December, I had a week off in between Christmas and New Year's day. So this past week it was back to my regular 4-10 hr. days and it kicked my butt! I had no energy to stitch or do much of anything. Then Wednesday, it was stitch or bake oatmeal raisin cookies. Which would you do? I baked!

I am now caught up with my starts and here they all are:

Day 6..

Day 7..
I'm going to stitch on this this evening because it stitches up fast.

Day 8..
Here's Majestic Bird from the 2013 JCS ornament issue. It's going to be pretty!

Day 9..
I'm using an R&R fabric called Liberty Gathering Grey (I think, amazing how fast I forget what I'm using!). It has a more chalkier color than this picture. It reminds me of slate, which goes really good with all the colors here. So far I have part of the horse's body and some outline. And....

Day 10..

And amazingly, I won a couple of things from Claudette of BAP Attack fame and look what she sent..
And the turtle needle minder above it all. It is so cute! My needle minder population (hoard?) is growing and the turtle makes it 8. Love needle minders!

I've got domestic duties to take care of so I'm off. It's a gloomy, rainy day today, perfect for stitching! I hope those of you dealing with the sub-zero temps are keeping safe and warm. The recent events taking place in Paris and elsewhere has me thinking that our time on this Earth is not guaranteed so lets make the best of the time we have! Take care everyone!


  1. You have lots of wonderful starts!! I love all the floss that you won. There are some very pretty colors!

  2. That little turtle needle minder is adorable! I have a weakness for needle minders, too. Looks like a beautiful old quilt those are lying on.

    1. It's my soon to be 20 year old daughters' baby quilt but it was cross stitched on top. It was given to me by a friend whose daughter used it as a baby too. So it's about 25+ years old.

  3. All wonderful starts Shelly, Of course my favorite one is the Lizzie Kate. Nice gifts from Claudette. I love the needle minder. I don't have any of those.


    1. Well get with it, lady! Buy a needleminder! Anymore it seems if you buy yourself a couple of the little super strong magnets, you could really turn anything into a needleminder!

  4. Gorgeous new starts and a great win from Claudette!

  5. Bake or stitch? Boy, that's a tough one, as I love both!! I think I would bake and then stitch while the cookies were in the oven :)

    Great new starts, Shelly!! Really love the red bird ornament...

  6. So glad to see your starts, and I look forward to the updates when they are finished. I agree with your thoughts on making sure we appreciate each day to the fullest; life can change in an instant! Enjoy..................

  7. Great starts! And nice stash winnings; the needle minder is adorable.

  8. What lovely things you are starting! So pretty! I stitched that bird ornament for this year--it was fun and a quick stitch! Your floss prize is beautiful--so nice!