Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5 of the Super Duper!

I thought I would finish this tonight but nope. It's dark here now but wanted to get this one in because I go back to work tomorrow and who knows when the next time I can post a daily start. Here is a pear..
Christmas Pear, that is. This and other pears are designed by Marly, I believe, from Santa's and Samplers. I went over to her blog to 'borrow' a picture, with her permission, of the finished pear..

I'm using a mystery linen with DMCs. Isn't it great? I have one other pear pattern printed out but after looking at all the other pears, I'd like to go back and print out the others.

Have a great week!

Oops, looks like I used the wrong color on the leaves (those white things!). Ribbit!


  1. Cute start Shelly minus the white leaves. LOL


  2. I have just looked at your first five starts for the challenge. You chose some very nice designs, all of them by designers that are among my favourites, too. Great start for you!

  3. Looks great--I keep telling myself I am going to stitch these one days and to date I have not made the first stitch

  4. Lovely choice for Day 5:) Going to be one pretty pear! love Annette

  5. The pear is so pretty! I have a copy of them and need to get busy. Marly was so generous to share all the pear designs!

  6. Hello

    The pear is lovely!
    Happy New Year x

  7. Lovely stitching! I am having trouble keeping up with posting too. Work. Can't live with it, can't live without it!

    1. Exactly, and by the time I get home, it's dark. Not good picture taking light. Now I'm trying to get caught up.

  8. Oh that is a really cute design! Love it!