Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sick Stitching, Debbie's Super Duper 15 & 16

When most of your coworkers are sick, guess what? Sick! Just a chest cold I think. Not enough to get in the way of my stitching though!


Here's my 15th start which should've been Thursday..
Ghoul Tidings by PSS in the JCS Annual Halloween 2013 issue. I'm just hoping I'll have enough room there to frame this. I would have started in the center but there's this dark line that's an inch wide and goes the entire length of my fabric and I wanted to keep it away from my stitching area. I don't know if this is something natural or it happened from the dyeing process. 

And here's my 16th start..
The wonderful Lady Rachel Ruth who is also my first BAP. You can see the stitch count there at the bottom of the chart. Done 1 over 2, my favorite way to stitch. Lots of solid color stitching in this piece. Love it!

For now, I'm going to stitch on my smaller starts so I can have some finishes. I don't feel so overwhelmed when I do that. After all, I've got 42 more days to go! Sunday I'll get caught up with today's and tomorrow's starts. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'm trying really hard to respond to everyone; it's hit or miss! 

Go Green Bay!


  1. The Halloween design is on my to do list. I just love it. In fact, I enjoyed your entire post till you got to the final sentence! Go Hawks! (Just kidding around)

  2. Haha Barb! I admit the Seahawks are on a roll; they're doing really well. Ugh!

  3. Great starts Shelly. I love Ghoul Tidings.


  4. Still bummed about the game! Love the projects you are working on.